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Pricing and Advantages
Ramp Up To A Higher Level Of Production
  • Establish a lucrative business referral network.
  • Platform can uniquely interconnect with up to 5 different insurance brokers or financial professionals.
  • Each professional enjoys their own platform by which they can refer clients, track results, and view compensation.
$99.00 (First 6 months.)
$149.00 (After 6 months.)
Everything in the Basic package plus:
  • New customized website, calibrated to perform exceptionally well within both online and voice search platforms.
  • Pertinent content is continually added to your site.  (*See "advantages" to understand the importance of this.)
  • We manage Google My Business and Bing Business for your site at no additional charge.
149.00 (First 6 months.)
$199.00 (After 6 months.)
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Customized website that may be used as a primary or secondary site:
(Premium package only.)
  • Modern, lightweight, fast, mobile friendly.
  • Calibrated to perform exceptionally well within online and voice search technology.
  • Amazingly, we will continually add new, pertinent content to your website.  Google and other search technologies love sites that feature updating content.  It is one of the reasons why, over time, our sites rank so well.
  • We manage Google My Business and Bing Business for your site at no additional charge.

Agents Wishing To Refer Clients, Love Our Platform:
  • Especially now, P&C agents and financial planners know they are missing out on a lot of life and health insurance income.  It's a problem.  You are solving that problem.
  • Remarkable transparency.  Our platform allows referring agents to keep track of everything.  They can see when a referred prospect is contacted, if a product is purchased, the price of the product, and more.
  • We have set minimum amounts that should be paid for referred business.  Because of this, brokers refer business confidently, knowing what to expect in return.
  • Your agent partners enjoy ReferralBook social media tools, which includes a customized landing page that will help them acquire new business for their agency, and yours.
  • All of your agent partners get access to the platform and tools - For Free.
  • You get access to our animated video to send to P&C agents.  The video does all the explaining for you.  All they need to do is click the video and sign up.
Our platform makes it easy for both you and your partner agents to track referred business and compensation.  Its remarkable transparency helps build a level of trust that can last a lifetime.

GlicRx Discount Prescription Drug Card (Not insurance):
  • GlicRx is accepted by all major pharmacies and grocery stores.
  • Discounts are as good or better than any Rx cost reducing card out there.
  • GlicRx is free to have and use.
  • You are paid every time someone you introduced to the card, uses it.

Don't let your competition beat you to enlisting invaluable, life-long, referral partners.  Use ReferralBook to establish amazing, business generating connections with insurance agents in your region, now!
An Enormous Market
Recent legislation has created a seismic shift in the health insurance market.  More consumers than ever before are now eligible for premium subsidized health insurance.  There are more consumers than ever before that are 65 years of age or older, looking for Medicare supplement solutions.  Businesses are realizing savings of over 50% when integrating new health insurance options with traditional group coverage.

For all of these circumstances, the assistance of a quality health insurance broker is needed.  Referralbook helps get this type of premium clientele exclusively referred to you.
"We implemented Referralbook technology just over a year ago.  We have since received hundreds of warm referrals, leading to hundreds of sales.  In addition, every month I receive multiple calls from consumers needing health insurance products, who found my business online.  Referralbook has truly grown my business substantially. "
John B.
Life and Health Insurance Agent
"One referred client is worth 100 purchased leads.  Thank you ReferralBook! "
Stephanie J.
Life and Health Insurance Broker
ReferralBook is taking the market by storm.  Don't miss out!